Presbyterians for Earth Care Advent Devotion

I contributed a devotion to the annual Presbyterians for Earth Care (PEC) Advent Devotional. The overall theme of the devotional was “heaven and nature sing.” My short contribution was on December 6 with a focus on God’s transformative power in light of Isaiah 35:1-10. Find all the PEC devotions on their Worship and Devotions page.

Three Articles for Science for the Church

I’m a bit behind on posting this to the website. I wrote three articles in 2022 for Science for the Church, a nonprofit working to help churches conduct science education. My articles all focus on creation care including: Helping Your Church Make Green Choices, One Church’s Goal to Go Carbon Neutral, and How Four Churches Flourish by Caring for Creation.

BioLogos Contribution

I wrote an article for BioLogos, a nonprofit working to connect science and faith. My piece is a personal reflection on finding God in the forest. Find it here.

Climate Vigil Songs

A new worship album celebrating creation care came out this summer called Climate Vigil Songs. Many different singer-songwriters contributed to the album celebrating creation. In the accompanying worship guide, they included a devotion for each song – and guess what! I wrote one of them! Find the album, sheet music, and the worship guide on their website.

Church in the Wild Talk

On Sunday, January 9, I will be giving the main talk during the weekly service for Church in the Wild (maybe some would call it a sermon but I’m not going to)! I love the idea of a church service almost always held outside to both honor nature and the divine! The Church in the Wild congregation in Windsor, NY will be holding their services via Zoom in January and February and so I’m able to participate from afar. I’m so excited to be involved!

Here’s a link to the service if you want to watch it!

List of Resources Now Live

I know that my book and my website can never be the only resource for people of faith digging into sustainable living. There are so many groups that share this same vision and I have a good list going of these organizations on my new Resources page. I also share my favorite authoritative environmental organizations that can help readers gain a better understanding of the world around us. As always, let me know who else to add!

Another New Page: Scripture!

Are you looking for a list of creation care Bible verses? I’ve got a 31 page long list with somehow exactly 150 passages on my new Scripture page! Some of these verses celebrate creation while some give explicit direction on how to love and care for the Earth. Others encourage us to love each other and the land while other passages exclaim that God made everything. I’d love to add to the list if you think I’m missing something!

New Recommendations Page

When I started this journey of green devotion writing, I knew there was a “Green Bible” but hadn’t found any devotionals on the topic, only a few nonfiction books that I had a hard time getting through. I’m happy to share a long list of these green faith books with you – along with a few devotionals that I have finally found. I’m also sharing some of my favorite green products on my new recommendations page. My devotion differs from these books I’m recommending and I think they will all complement each other well. Let me know what you think and what I’ve missed!

Signed with an Agent

Tremendous news! In February 2021, I signed a contract with Hartline Literary Agency to represent this book project. Linda Glaz will be my agent and I’m thrilled to work with the company! She is in the process of pitching the idea to publishers.

It Started with 21

When I started writing this book, I had three weeks of devotions – 21 daily reading topics. After rejection notices from over 20 agents, I agreed to expand my devotional book to make it longer and more marketable. As of December 2020, I hit 54 devotions and I kind of can’t believe I wrote that many!

Subjects in the Book So Far

I’m hard at work writing more entries for my creation care devotion. I’m so thrilled to be writing it! Here’s the deal: almost a decade ago, my sweet friend Elizabeth and I were looking for a devotional to work through together. We are both into the environment and wanted to find a book connecting environmental/ sustainability issues and God. We looked and looked and never found anything that fit what we wanted. There are many nonfiction books on the subject and there’s a group Bible study by Blessed Earth, a devotion for kids, and devotions about nature but nothing was exactly what we wanted. And so in early 2020, I decided that I’d just write it myself! I have been writing about green lifestyle topics for years and have worked in the environmental field for over 15 years. I’m not looking for this book to be THE sustainability devotion but as far as I know, it’ll be the first! I’ve got about half the book done and would love to connect with you on topics you’d like to see covered! Here are a few in there so far: God created the world and it’s his, Zero waste/ low waste, recycling, animal habitat, the water cycle, loving your neighbor, Adam and Eve in Eden, what happened right after the flood, caring for the least of these, space: sun, moon, stars, environmental stewardship, greed… and more!

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